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introduction post » featuring many
peony arrives on the island of emotions and meets many interesting characters.

log » jade & dist
cracking open a cold one with the boys (at the spa).

log; festival jade, mrs. bradley + others
the festival!

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

by cawaii

cr chart

Mar. 21st, 2017 12:28 pm
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» fifthreplacement «
not sure about him yet

» holdsodear «
eleanor bradley
a kind lady with a big heart


» jeido «
jade curtiss
best friend from home


» newrecipe «

» dragonsinmy «
interesting and cute girl

» laodicean «
friendly young guy

» likepawpaw «
playful and pretty

» prismbloom «
beautiful and kind

» ortion «
saphir "dist"
an old friend

» lohrat «
not voice in my head

» spryited «
a kind fellow

» sharpstring «
very curious (please don't eat rappigs)

» humenity «

» happydreamed «
interesting guy. nice enough.

special notes:
❤ hover over the hearts for their meaning
links to interactions within each chart
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Player: Kat
Contact: [ profile] intrepidly
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point:After Aslan's death
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 03/06/2016

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» introductiontwothreefourfive «

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Player: Kat
Contact: [ profile] intrepidly
Age: 24
Current Characters: none yet!


Character: Peony Upala Malkuth IX
Age: 36
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: After Aslan passes mid/near-end game

The heart of Keterburg, a blistering cold town at the top of the world, was where the noble and fun-loving Peony Upala spent many of his younger years. Born the youngest of three sons (and one daughter) to the Emperor of Malkuth, Peony was sent away from the capital to live in Keterburg due to heated relations with the neighboring country of Kimlasca.

Here, Peony was destined to meet the three people that ultimately shaped his life; Saphir, Nephry, and Jade. Keterburg, one could say, was nestled away from the conflict-riddled world, and Peony lived a normal, if sheltered, childhood in the small, almost snow-globe-like world his parents placed him in. To hide his true identity, Peony used the name “Franz” in school, giving the alibi of being the humble son of merchants from Chesedonia, recently moved to Keterburg for business affairs and a new start. His attempt at remaining incognito remained for awhile, but ultimately, his true identity was discovered.

Growing up, Jade was one of the closest people to Peony. Although the boy oftentimes came off as cold and curt, their friendship did not falter, and Peony oftentimes sat beside the boy during school-hours. This closeness, which developed slowly but surely, upset a third friend in the mix; Saphir. Saphir was, needless to say, horribly jealous of the two’s close-knit friendship. Before Peony had arrived, Saphir and Jade were ‘the best of friends’ (in Saphir’s mind, at least). Peony was a threat, essentially taking Jade away from Saphir, as he saw it. In short, Peony irked Saphir to the point of no return. This did not keep the three from mingling together, although it was apparent that Saphir was possessive of Jade, no matter how the boy opted to treat him in return.

The last member of the childhood bunch was Nephy, Jade’s sister. This girl would be the person to shape Peony’s life and attitude forever.

Peony would often sneak out from home to listen in to Jade and Professor Nebilim’s discussions. The topics they covered were vast, and dealt with many things not focused on too deeply in school. Curious as to what intrigued his best friend, Peony couldn’t help but eavesdrop on them. After all, they were pretty fascinating.

As time progressed, and Jade and Saphir continued their pursuits in the name of science, Peony took it upon himself to watch over Nephry in their absence. During this period, Peony fell inexplicably in love.

Letters were exchanged between the two, through Nephry’s window. These letters professed words of casualty, and words of ardor. As the letters progressed, the feelings grew. Being the charmer he is, Peony gave Nephry a letter-opener, of the best quality mind you, as a token of his attachment to her. To him, she was the most beautiful creature. Flawed, he knew, but beautiful in her own right. She was intellectual, smart, and everything that he admired in a person.

The letters continued until one day, Peony was summoned to the Capital. His elder brothers had been killed, and he was to ‘train’ to take the title of Emperor. Peony parted Nephry with a promise of forever, professing his adoration for his love and friend. He promised her his feelings would never fade, and that he’d wait forever, if that was what it would take. Social class did not matter to him, and all he sought was happiness.

Upon returning to Grand Chokmah, the capital, the letters continued, ardent for quite awhile. Things changed drastically, however, when Nephry received her yearly Score, which read her future. Nephry was to marry another man within that year. Not Peony but another man. Taught to listen to the Score faithfully, Nephry was broken-hearted but accepted. Although she tried to hide her love for her childhood friend, it was evident she was torn apart by the news she had to pass. Hearing news of her Score, Peony rushed back to Keterburg, only to face the biggest rejection of his life.

The woman he wished to marry was to marry another man. Although Peony had always been a righteous man who believed in the Score just as much as anyone else, knowing that he and Nephry would be torn apart destroyed him. In anger, he told her that the Score did not matter and that their love was stronger than it. Nephry refused his plea, urging Peony to think about his country, his people, and his responsibility, and told him she would marry another. Not wanting Peony to torture himself and dwell on the rejection or any false hope, Nephry returned the gorgeous letter-opener, bidding farewell to the man she had loved.

With nothing else left to do, and a broken heart, Peony returned to the capital. Shortly after, he took his role as Emperor. It was all he could do to watch as Nephry married another man. Knowing that he had lost the love of his life, Peony decided not to marry again. Casual flirting, conversations, and whatnot would be enough for him. If he could not marry Nephry, he did not wish to marry, ever. He had made a promise to wait for her—and wait he would, even if it meant the afterlife.

During this, Jade came into the military under him. Glad that he had an old friend close by, Peony was enthused when Jade earned the rank of Colonel. Jade continued with his earnest attempts to label them as ‘not friends’, just as Peony continued teasing the man. After all, Peony was an Emperor, high above the rest. And Jade had his own sins to take into consideration.

Despite it all, Peony ruled righteously and strongly, right into the beginning of the game. And the rest, as they say, is history, due to the fact that canon-knowledge of Peony’s ruling years are little to none.

Ruling as an Emperor says a lot about a person. It says that they must be quick on their feet, caring, and possess good judgment. Peony is all these things, and then some.

Although Peony prefers to pass the days away with a relaxed and calm disposition, he has a quick mind and wit. After all, he is best friends with the snarky Jade Curtis. As Emperor, he must make wise decisions. Ones that will impact both his people and his country. Not any person can make such heavy-handed judgments. The weight of that responsibility is always present in the back of his mind. Further, the position of ruler requires high-intelligence. In order for a kingdom to run efficiently, an Emperor must be in tune with the needs of his people and the world around him, to which Peony has accomplished. Needless to the say, the man is smart despite his warm disposition.

Unlike scholars, Peony does not outwardly flaunt his intelligence. He prefers to live his life (to the best of his abilities, he is an Emperor, after all) casually and relaxed. His personality is laid-back, and his temper, unlike most people’s, is not short. He’s generally an agreeable guy who does not look for conflict, but can handle it if such ever were to arise.

A prime example of Peony’s nurturing and kind-hearted side is his plethora of rappigs. You know, little pigs with rabbit ears? He almost has a colony of the adorable pets, which he smothers with affection. The smiles on his face are absolutely genuine when his pets are involved, and his love for them is far from hidden. They are ultimately the stars of his personal life, and he has given them affectionate nicknames based off the people he has met and come to enjoy. Though, the question arises as to whether or not the pig with the name of his best friend is more just to grate on the man’s nerves, or a benevolent act of appreciation. Peony isn’t the neatest of people, which is ironic given his choice of pet, but his rappigs love him nonetheless.

Speaking of ‘cute’ things, Peony loves women. Although a statement may install the vision of a womanizer into a person’s head, that is far from the truth. Despite the fact Peony is charming, handsome, and eloquent, he is not seeking anything beyond a quick rendezvous. Peony prefers to admire and appreciate from afar, and if the situation calls for it, engage in witty and flirty romance with what has caught his eye. As previously mentioned, Nephry is, and will always be, the love of his life, and he cannot see himself getting serious or marrying any other woman. That doesn’t mean, however, he’s just sulking about. No, Peony is too carefree to do that. He just tries to have a good time and not remember what’s happened regarding love. He tries to live in the moment, but keeps his heart close to his chest if things start progressing too far.

All in all, Peony is a good man at heart who is smart, playful, and a damn good Emperor who is just looking out for the good of his people, his friends, and himself. His friends may be his weakness, and when debating their well-being over the well-being of his Kingdom, it calls into question what he would decide, who he would protect. As Emperor, his loyalty lies with the land. Peony's devotion to his friends is second to none, but if the situation called for it, he would have to side with the land or find another way. This would cause endless anguish for the Emperor, as it seems like he actively tries to avoid hurting those around him, especially those he cares about. He has a bit of a guilt-complex in that department and it is a definite weakness.

Some could say he has a blind-spot when it comes to his friends. Which is true, given Saphir and Jade's shady pasts. But Peony likes to believe in the good in people, even if he ignores blatant flaws. This is troublesome, especially if he isn't aware of just what he's ignoring. It's a definite character flaw.

Peony is just your average human, so no mystical powers or shape-shifting abilities here. He’s good with words, great with charming smiles, and even better at tending to rappigs. He’s ruled a country successfully, so that in itself is an ability and a half. He's pretty damn handy with a sword, and has training in various art-forms, so he's one tough cool-cat to mess with. Apart from that, there’s nothing too noteworthy to mention. Though, if Peony were to happen to stumble across a wild colony of rappigs, do not doubt for a second that he’d be amongst them and taming them within seconds. He’s just that talented.

Alignment: Thras

Of all the alignments, this seemed to be the best fit for Peony. Growing up, he was an adventurous young man, confined to a small town in a mansion. Despite his tendencies to sneak out of the mansion and live his life, there was always the lingering fear of breaking from the future the Score foretold. Once Peony takes the throne, he leads his kingdom with bravery and honor. He strives to seek to an ever-lasting peace with Kimlasca, and even when he is faced with tumultuous, dangerous situations, he puts on a brave fear despite his deep-rooted fear of failing, of disappointing his people.

Other: Hopefully it's possible to bring Jade the rappig with him as a pet!


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TDM thread | TDM thread

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